Piano: Rui Urayama / ピアノ:浦山瑠衣

Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered: Weixiong Wang at Skillman Music Studios, NYC / 録音:2019年8月ニューヨーク『スキルマンスタジオ』にて

Photography: Rachel Rodgers Photography / 写真:レイチェル・ロジャー

Featured Cellist: Jeremiah Barcus / チェロ:ジェレマイアー・バーカス




Songs / 収録曲

1. Boston Sky's Red Dragonfly 


Red Dragonfly by Kosaku YAMADA  / 赤トンボ (山田耕作 作曲)

Amazing Grace, Hymn / アメイジンググレイス(賛美歌、作曲者不明)


2. Tanuki Pup


Tanuki Pup by Akihiro KOMORI / げんこつ山のたぬきさん(小森昭宏 作曲)

Birthday Blessings, Unknown / お誕生日おめでとう(作曲者不明)


3. The Moon Reflected in the Eyes


Moon Over the Ruined Castle by Rentaro TAKI / 荒城の月(滝廉太郎 作曲)

Dark Eyes by Florian HERMANN / 黒い瞳(フローリアン・ヘルマン 作曲)


4. Lullaby


The Cradle Song by Shin KUSAKAWA / 揺籠の歌(草川信 作曲)

Oh, the Crocodile, Unknown / クロコダイルの歌(作曲者不明)


5. For Ricardo


Ollanta, Unknown / オランタ(作曲者不明)

Sakura, Unknown / さくら(作曲者不明)


6. Since the Blue Sunset


Flee as a Bird, Unknown / フリー・アズ・ア ・バード

Peasant's Daughter, Unknown / 百姓娘(作曲者不明)

No More Atomic Bombs by Koji KINOSHITA / 原爆を許すまじ(木下航二 作曲)

    Jeremiah Barcus, cello


7. Shooting Star Waltz 


Tanabata-sama by Kanichi SHIMOFUSA / たなばたさま(下総皖一 作曲)

Loch Lomond, Unknown / ロッホ・ローモンド(作曲者不明)

Home on the Range by Daniel E. KELLY / 峠の我が家(ダニエル・E・ケリー 作曲)




Blooming - Folk Songs on Piano

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    $7 for rest of the World / その他の地域

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  • “Blooming” is the music-based cultural project that I founded in 2016. In this project, I collect folk songs and children's songs from all over the world and arrange them into concert-style pieces. As a Japanese artist, “Blooming” provided a unique and joyful opportunity to introduce Japanese culture while also appealing to the value of cultural exchange through music. 

     In my first three years of living in America I moved every 6 months. In that time, I shared houses with 17 different people who are all from different countries. While I happily lived in the “mini earth,” I realized that the world would be a better place if everyone was kind, accepted their differences, and enhanced their own inner beauty for each other. I was looking for a way to express this wonderful awareness, and through “Blooming,” I hope I have.

     One day in a practice room, I was improvising a popular Japanese folk song, “Red Dragonfly,” and noticed that the start of this song and the American folksong, “Amazing Grace,” shared the same melody! To satisfy my curiosity, I began to play the two songs at the same time....WOW! They merged beautifully. More than I would ever have imagined. I was extremely excited to feel the cultures crossing in my hands through music. That was the moment that this project was born. After several revisions of this accidental improvisation, “Boston Sky’s Red Dragonfly” became the current version that I place at the opening of this CD.

     No matter where you come from, you probably know at least one folk song or children’s song from your country, or possibly even from an unfamiliar country or culture. These simple songs always live with us, live near us, and live in our community. I strongly believe that music brings people together and makes the world "ONE." 


    More details about Blooming from HERE






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