No matter how I spread my arms
I can not fly at all,
But unlike me, a flying bird
Can not run fast on ground.

Though I rock my body back and forth
It makes no pretty sounds,
Yet unlike me, a ringing bell
Does not know many songs.

A bell, a bird, and also me,

All are different, all are good.

Misuzu Kaneko


It's been seven years since I moved to the US.



Some people say that America is like a "salad bowl" to describe its cultural diversity. And this is also my favorite way to explain this country.


"Everyone is different, but we are all good."



That is a quote from a poem "A Bell, a Bird, and Me" by Japanese famous poet and songwriter, Misuzu Kaneko. The encounter with her poem was way back when I was an elementary school student. I remember that every single word of hers strongly resonated with me. Each culture is different, but everything is great in its own way. The world would be much nicer place if everyone appreciate the differences and be kind.


The world would be much nicer place if everyone appreciates the difference, be open, and be kind. That is my dream place to live. That is why I started this project. I feel able to make my statement through MUSIC.


Let me talk about myself a bit. I have always loved children's songs! When I was four years old, I was already able to sing more than 200 songs by memory!!!! With dancing, of course :) My love for folk song began back in my elementary school days. My hometown is very close to a part of Russia, and we were lucky enough to invite Russian, or Ainu, people to school as out-reach program guests and they showed us "their music." I was able to learn and enjoy dancing Soran Bushi (Hokkaido's traditional song) and Eisa (Okinawa's folk dance). I loved those times more than anything else at school. Under the influence of this childhood experience, I respect all those Classical composers, both traditional and contemporary, who adopt ethnic elements into their music such as, F. Chopin who kept his "Mazurka diary," or B. Bartok who collected folk songs with his own feet, and I. Albeniz who expressed "Spain" in his music using elements of flamenco, etc.


My dream is to perform as many places as possible. I aspire to be like the amazing project and people ​I have always admired...Médecins Sans Frontières!!! (also known in English as Doctors Without Borders). I am beyond happy if I could bring even just a little joy into lives through my project and my music making.

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